The CountrySOLE Project
“Living Simply So That Others May Simply Live”

The Sustainable Organic Living Experience was established to close the gap between environmental demands and a modern, comfortable lifestyle. The CountrySOLE Project aims to raise awareness of the unnecessary use of the world's finite resources and to encourage the use of sustainable materials in everyday life. Our self-catering accommodation is truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The project is organic both in principle and growth. It continually evolves, and each stage is exciting and challenging. We invite you to come and share our vision and experience sustainable living. You are most welcome to book your self-catering holiday with us. The CountrySOLE Project….it simply works!

The challenge we set for ourselves was to build sustainable houses using, as much as possible, renewable, reusable, reused and biodegradable materials, and to build a living system which would have the least impact on the environment.  There were many ethical and practical considerations to grapple with and we’re not sure that we have always attained the right balance, but we have tried hard to work through the difficulties. We would have liked to be able to buy everything from local sources but often the materials or the expertise has not been available.

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See our project video and interview (2012)
Made by the students of Lady Hawkins High School through The Rural Media Company’s Big Lottery funded project ‘Shoot Out’.

We have two houses, The Woodhouse and our self-catering accommodation, The Little Wood House, built from Finnish Pine interlocking logs, protected by a home made borax solution to control mildew and woodworm. The construction involves wooden pegs to “nail” the logs in place between the log intersections. The wooden framed windows are double glazed and the wall and floor insulation is provided by sheep’s wool, some of which were grazing on our farm. The roof tiles are recycled plastic, reformed to copy Welsh slates.  Electricity is obtained from the sun using photovoltaic cells, and a small wind turbine. The electricity is stored in deep cycle batteries. The Little Wood House (Eco-Lodge) operates at 12 volts for lights and all essential electrical operations, and LED lights provide excellent lighting at very little wattage. It also includes the ability to use 240 volts through an inverter for electrical operations when the power is plentiful. A back up generator is available for filling in the gaps in supply.
Heating and cooking comes from a wood fired Rayburn stove with BBQ facilities available for those hot summer evenings! The Little Wood House also has grey water recycling and state of the art composting toilets to return, eventually, all waste to the soil.


We have planted several hundred trees within the plot to replace (theoretically) those used in the buildings and eventually to provide a source of firewood and timber. More trees are being planted to maintain the balance.  We have created an amazing circular garden with a central octagonal pool which will raise fish for eating; raised beds radiate from the centre to the 8 main points of the compass, with triangular beds between. We grow fruit, vegetables and flowers following permaculture principles.